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Montgomery County OD Surge Alert


The concept of the “OD Alert" system is to notify people who use drugs and their support systems via text message when conditions are occurring that make using drugs even more risky than usual. This includes when there are a higher number of overdoses than expected during a certain period of time, in a given location within Montgomery County.

In addition to the people who are using drugs, the alert system can be utilized by support systems, including family, friends, treatment providers and other community agencies that may be in a position to communicate with the individuals at risk of overdose.

OD Surge Alert

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How It Works

Any individual can sign up to receive overdose alerts via a text message.  We only ask for a cell phone number that can receive texts and a zip code - no other information is required.  When an overdose spike occurs anywhere in Montgomery County, individuals who signed up for alerts will receive a text message with the alert and a link to a page on the www.mccoat website with information about actions they can take and resources available in the community. 


Alerts may occur after hours including evenings and weekends.  Because of the nature of the surveillance systems, alerts will be county-wide; all individuals who sign up for alerts will receive text alerts anytime there has been deemed to be a concerning increase in Montgomery County.

OD Surge Alert Privacy Policy

OD Surge Alert Terms and Conditions

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