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Structure & Leadership

The Community Overdose Action Team (COAT) is co-led by Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County and Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services.

The COAT operates under the Incident Command System (ICS) structure. ICS provides a comprehensive management system designed to enable community partners to work together to respond to local, state and federal emergencies. The structure includes a Steering Committee, Backbone Support, Data Unit, Joint Information Center (JIC), and eight operations branches focusing on the following areas related to drug overdose prevention: treatment and recovery, drug supply control, response, harm reduction, prescription, education and information, criminal justice, and prevention. Co-chairs of the operations branches are subject matter experts in the areas of focus.

COAT has over 200 members representing all sectors within our community including government, healthcare, faith-based, civic/volunteer organizations, law enforcement, fire/EMS, youth-serving organizations, schools, media, substance abuse organizations, concerned citizens, those in recovery, and families/friends of those in recovery.

Backbone Support

  • Jennifer Wentzel
    Public Health – Dayton & Montgomery County
  • Helen Jones-Kelley
    Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services
  • Commissioner Judy Dodge
    Montgomery County Board of County Commissioners
  • Kimberly Farrier
    Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services
  • Brian Johns
    Dayton Police Department
  • Marty Larson
    Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association
  • Mary Kay Stirling
    Mont. Co. Common Pleas Court
  • Matt Haines
    Mont. Co. Sheriff’s Office
  • Jeff Jordan
    Mont. Co. Office of Emergency Management
  • Brooke Ehlers
    Mont. Co. Coroner's Office
  • Haley Carretta
    Mont. Co. Office of Strategic Initiatives
  • Steve Stein
    Greater Miami Valley EMS Council
  • Cindy Heitman
    Goodwill Easterseals